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Newborn Photography

Your world will change from the first moment you look at and feel your darling baby. So what is the most meaningful gift to reward yourself and welcome your baby into this world? Surely it will be some photos of the baby. Photographs will tell the great story of the most important moment in your life, perhaps after the wedding. 

Newborn photography is a fairly new concept, it's becoming more and more popular with each year. It's ideal for babies between 7 days to 14 days old, during which they sleep for most of the time. Our children grow up so quickly, right in front of our eyes, after weeks, months, years. We can't stop time, but we can remember these moments with photography.

Our experienced newborn photographers are more than just photographers, we are mums and dads as well. Our team members hold a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Primary Teaching and Certificate of Working with Children. Our studio’s ambient temperature is kept at 25 to 26 degrees, where babies are most comfortable and soothing white noise will be played as background music. By only using the finest blankets, props and backdrops, your baby will feel at home for the two to three hours with us.

Remember, it's not only a photograph, but also a memory of LOVE.


Newborn Photography

From one month to 14 years old, Love Journal Kids Photography provides a wide range of kids photography services.

You can choose to do it in our studio, outdoors in a park or somewhere meaningful to you.

Family Photography

Family photography is included in all kids photography packages. If you just want to do family photography, we can do it as well. We provide family photography in our studio or outdoors too.

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